Electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

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Electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

Electrical Circuits MCQ Question with Answer

Chapter List. They are accurate for DC circuits, and for AC circuits at frequencies where the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are very large compared to the circuits.

electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

Let P, Q,R and X be the four resistor arranged in the form of a bridge and a galvanometer G is connected in between them. Here the value of P and Q are fixed and the value of R is varied such that G shows null deflection.

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At this condition. While measuring a low resistance, all the other resistance must also be low so that the bridge is sensitive. A low resistance galvanometer is insensitive. Further, the load resistance and a contact resistance will also introduce error in the measurement.

The instrument was designed to measure the resistance to telegraph wire in post offices. The P. O Box works on the principal of Wheatstone bridge to identify resistance of unknown wires. O box.

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A potentiometer is an accurate device to measure the emf of a cell or the potential difference across a resistor. Principle: If a steady current is passing through a wire of uniform area of cross — section, the p. If we prefer voltmeter to measure the e.

The circuit is not open and the reading shown by the voltmeter will be the terminal potential difference, e. But if we prefer potentiometer to measure the e. If we taking the reading with a voltmeter, deflection of the needle is read, but if we take with potentiometer null deflection is taken. So, error in the measurement with voltmeter will be larger than with a potentiometer. Yes, the potentiometer wire can be of cooper but should be of uniform cross-section.

If the cross section of potentiometer wire is not uniform, then potential gradient will not be same at all places on the potentiometer wire. Consequently, the measured value of potential difference will not be correct. MeterBridge is an electronic device which is used for measuring unknown resistance and working on the principle of Wheatstone bridge at balance condition. It consists 1 meter long wire sayAchieving uniform cross-sectional area, highly resistivity and low temperature coefficient of resistance.

A resistance box R is connected in the left gap between the strip and unknown resistance Xto the right as given in figure. A galvanometer is connected with the point D which lies in between R and X and also connected with jokey which move over the wire between A and C. In figure B is the point jokey touch the wire which is vary along the wire.

electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

A ammeter scale is fixed on the board along the AC is use to measure the balance length. A battery is connected across the bridge maintain the circuit and null point is obtain on moving the key along the wire. The balance length of the wire of the potential is double then the position of zerois found to be shifted. In the other hand it is simply means that the total current leaving a junction is equal to the total current entering that junction. Explanation: let us consider 5 currents meeting t a junction P of the network as shown in figure.

Let us adopt the following sign conversions for determine the algebraic sign of different currents.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Kibrom Atsbha. Electric Circuits Interview Questions and Answers about:reader?

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Which of the following is a defined quantity? Which of the following is a correct relation? The algebraic sign of power depends on movement of charge through the drop and rise of voltage. Explanation: Passive element means it could not generate electricity. Which of the above is valid? The above circuit is valid. Dependent source supplies voltage across the same pair of terminals and an ideal current source supplies same current regardless of voltage, similarly an ideal voltage source supplies same voltage irrespective of current, so this is an allowable connection.

The opposing capacity of materials against the current flow is a Conductance b Inductance c Susceptance d Resistance View Answer Answer: d Explanation: The opposing capacity of materials against the current flow is resistance. The current passing through a circuit is 7.

KCL is based on the fact that a There is a possibility for a node to store energy. View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Since the node is not a circuit element, any charge which enters node must leave immediately. Calculate potential difference between x and y a 4.

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Find R a Determine currents I1I2 and I3. Solve for I.Premium Membership. Study specialized technical articles, electrical guides, and papers. These are not-so-easy, but also not-too-hard questions for you to try to answer and test your electrician skills. Whether you are a novice in a field of electrical engineering or a professional electricianthese questions will move your brain cells for sure!

To check your results, take a peek for answers at the bottom of article. A feeder runs from one part of a building to another under the floor in two parallel sets of rigid non-metallic conduits with type RHW copper conductors size AWG and is protected by ampere fuses. It must have a minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor in each conduit run of no less than which of the following:. A surge arrestor for a volt electrical system requires a connecting conductor that is 14 copper or larger.

If a single family dwelling unit has square feet of living space and all of the volt general illumination circuits are rated at 15 amperesthen the minimum number of circuits required is which of the following:. The total minimum load required for the general illumination, small appliances, and laundry without any demand factors would be which of the following:. In order to correct the power factora three-phase, volt92 kVAR capacitor bank located 6 feet from the main service of a square foot office building has a minimum required ampere rating for the conductors in the capacitor bank of which of the following:.

400+ TOP ELECTRICAL Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Pdf- EEE

In an 8 unit apartment building, each kitchen contains a 3. The demand load for the electric service to the building must include an allowance for the minimum demand load of all of the ranges, which would be which of the following:. A retail store has square feet and 30 feet of show window.

There are a total of 80 duplex receptacles. Given these facts, the total calculated load is which of the following:. A project requires the installation of twelve 1.

To prove your electrician skillsyour results should be the same as provided answers. NEC free draft.

electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

Las puntas del tester no son las adecuadas para el tablero. I scored 6 points on this electricals quizzes… many questions are multiplied per 0.If a flux of?

Two resistances R1 and R2 give combined resistance of 4. What is the Equivalent Resistance? C E1 lags E2by? The equation for 25 cycles current sine wave having rms value of 30 amps, will be A The value of supply voltage for W, 4? What is represented by the hypotenuse of impedance triangle? C VI sin? D VI tan? D VIcos? Peak factor of sinusoidal Voltage is A 1. Power factor Cos? The form factor is the ratio of A peak value to r.

In An A. Circuit Also Apply To A. Value Is A 0. Input to a alternator is A A. F equation of alternator is A 2. Transformer is a device which A Work through on electric induction. B Can step up or step down the level of voltage. The voltage regulation of a transformer at full-load 0. Its voltage regulation at full-load 0. Thank you so much sir for your great effort for giving us such materials.

I get hope when i came to visit your website to crack technical competitive exams. I am very grateful for your team sir.Click image to enlarge 2. Once the value of current or value of voltage drops is determined, it is easy to determine power in the circuit if value of resistance is known.

For the circuit given below, current flowing through each branch is———. This is used to find values of unknown electrical parameters in electrical networks where simple methods prove to be inconvenient. The next step involves replacing the first column with values of the equations in right hand side and then determining the determinant of the resultant matrix, i.

For the circuit given below, the values of currents I 1, I 2 and I 3 are:. Matrix for three equations is:. Determinant for the first matrix is :. Second matrix for the first unknown variable is:. Third matrix for the second unknown variable is:. Negative sign shows direction of current is opposite. For the circuit given below with input of Volts, resistance between terminals A and B and current through the circuit is:.

From the given circuit diagram, it is clear that the resistor network in CEDC is in delta connection as given below:. For the circuit given below, the current in the branch AB is ———. The voltage is termed as V th or Thevenin voltage and the resistance is R th or Thevenin resistance. Your email address will not be published. Zero Explanation :.

So power factor in DC Circuits is 1 and Only 1. In other words there is no reactive component in DC Circuits so the power factor is 1. Electrical Technology 1 1 minute read.

Show More. Related Articles. Step by Step Procedure with Solved Example. One Comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check Also.

electrical circuits questions and answers pdf

Close Search for. Close Log In. Adblock Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. We depends on ad revenue to keep creating quality content for you to learn and enjoy for free.What is electricity? Ans : Electricity is a general term used for all phenomena caused by electric charge whether static or in motion.

Ans : There are two types, 1 static Electricity and 2 Current Electricity.

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Ans : Static electricity means electricity at rest in contradistinction to dynamic or current electricity the effects of which are purely due to the electrostatic field produced by the charge. As it is obtained by rubbing two substance such as glass and silk it is also called frictional electricity. Ans : Current electricity means the electricity in motion the effects of which are due to the flow of electrons in a conductor. Ans : There are two types :- 1 Direct current and 2 Alternating current.

Ans : The methods are — i By means of frictions- Static electricity is produced. Ans : 1 Battery, 2 Generator and 3 Thermocouple. Ans : A. C is the abbreviation of an alternating current which flows to and from in a circuit in alternate direction periodically with the variation of its magnitude in regular manner that after reaching a maximum in one direction decreases to zero, finally reversing and reaching a maximum in the opposite direction decreases to zero again the cycle of pulsation being repeated continuously.

Ans : 1 Battery charging, 2 Electroplating, 3 Electrolysis, 4 Relays, 5 traction motors, 6 Cinema projector. Ans : 1 House hold appliances, 2 Fan, 3 Refrigerators, 4 Power driving motors.

Set etc. Ans : Conductors are those metallic substances which have a large number of free electrons and offer a little resistance to the flow of electricity through them.

Ans : Insulators are those nonmetallic substances which have comparatively very few free electrons and offer enormous resistance that they do not practically allow electricity to flow through them. Ans : Dielectric strength is the maximum kilovolts per millimeter which an insulating medium can withstand without breakdown. Ans : The dielectric strength depends on the following factors — i.

Thickness of the specimen, ii. Size and shape of electrodes used in applying stress, iii. Form or distribution of the field of electric stress in the material, iv.More questions and answer will be coming soon.

Kirchhoff's Law Part 1

A simple electric circuit is shown in Fig. Same business day shipping. There are many different forms of energy such as heat energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy, and sound energy. The construction and circuit symbols for both the. Donate now and receive sample test questions and answers. Enter the value at the top of Data Table 2.

V for each of the circuits. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. Be honest to yourself. The answer is that a moving electric or magnetic field produces the other type of field, i. We get a lot of questions from teachers, parents, and kids about circuits. Some examples are solid ionic compounds, non-metal elements, glass and plastics that are polymers of hydrocarbons. The elements, which show their behaviour only when they are excited, are called basic circuit element.

Ohm's Law InGeorge Simon Ohm discovered that the flow of electric current was directly proportional. Truth Tables 2. Question 2. Answer: Generally capacitor gives infinite resistance to dc components i. The specification is broken up into seven sections: 1. Sample General Electrician test questions. Measure I, Ri, Vi, and Req. Please read them carefully before attempting the questions.

A sample is shown below: 1. A comprehensive approach to circuit protection.

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Course Objectives. When a question is answered correctly, a. A battery is connected to a resistor. Both of Kirchhoff's laws can be understood as corollaries of the Maxwell equations in the low-frequency limit.

It is a usual practice to attach a word lagging or leading with the numerical value of power factor to signify whether the current lags or leads the voltage. The charge carriers in metals are A. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Physics: Electrical Conductors and Insulators webquest print page. The bulb glows only when current flows through the circuit.


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