Best law firm websites

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Best law firm websites

Over the past decade, the overall quality of law firm websites has consistently improved. While we here at Juris Digital are especially fond of our own workwe are also frequently inspired by the work of our competitors. With that, we are happy to announce a call for nominations for the inaugural, Juris Digital Awards for the 10 Best Law Firm Websites.

Simply click the button below to nominate a law firm or legal industry website. The deadline for nominations is November 1, The winners will be selected an announced here on January 15, Nominate a site.

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NOTE: Nominating a site more than once will not improve the odds of the site being chosen as a top 10 award winner. All nominated sites will be judged on the same criteria, as detailed below. Once the nomination period is closed, the Juris Digital staff will narrow the field down to the top 25 websites. This group of finalists will be judged against the following criteria, receiving a score of 1 to 10 for each.

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The 10 websites with the highest overall scores will be named the 10 best law firm websites of Could your law firm website use an overhaul?

Juris Digital has helped hundreds of law firms bring in consistent, quality new cases from the web. Ready for more and better leads? The results are in. After much deliberation, the top 10 best lawyer website designs have been selected! Check out the results below. Ogilvie is strikingly simple. Ogilvie also has only backlinks, but they are high quality, landing Ogilvie a Domain Rank of In our eyes, Jones Foster is another minimalist win, although the homepage content itself is a little too minimalist for us.

The grayscale color scheme communicates luxury and sophistication, which attracts its likely wealthy business audience. With crawled pages, no s, and minimal redirects, Jones Foster is a tidy, well-maintained site.

Their ratio of pages to keywords is alarmingly low, not to mention that with dozens of attorneys, the site only has a Domain Rank of Additionally, without a blog, they have pages. Banner photography is comprised of both industry imagery their focus and smiling people, communicating both their specialty and approachable tone. Regardless, they should be cleaned up. The friendly photography and orange color scheme warm the user to an otherwise large and intimidating firm. Additionally, Thompson Knight has a blog.

Founder Riz no last name listed—a strategic decision to communicate informality founded a successful eCommerce business herself, so she has a knack for marketing. By offering concise, convenient, and attractive products, Foundd appeals to a younger generation.

Foundd strips away all the jargon and formality of the legal space. The design is trendy and easy on the eyes: starting a business has never seemed so effortless.

Displaying some technical know-how, Foundd Legal blocks certain irrelevant pages SEO-wise like the account, cart, and search pages using robots. Through language and design, they successfully attract their target audience. Foundd Legal has pages.

For content marketing, Foundd Legal has a blog and offers guides. Their Domain Rank is a meager 4, and they rank for only 9 organic keywords although they are valuable keywords. This goes to show that producing content is only half the battle—promoting it is just as important. Counsel for Creators serves creative professionals, so their site needs to be modern and attractive.Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Forgot your password?

Reset it here. This guide to the best law firm websites will show you our favorite sites, the design trends shaping the legal industry, tips for improving your site or hiring a great website designer, and how to improve your website contenttraffic, and usability. For the past decade plus we have worked to identify the best law firm websites, the law firm website design concepts and trends that succeed, and the website designers and SEO experts working to build great sites.

And—because even the best law firm websites have room for improvement—we make some suggestions about ways they could be enhanced. We also take a look at the trends shaping law firm website design in This website, for solo practitioner Teresa DiNardi, is a terrific example of how to use color and patterns to subtly pull everything together. The site is suffused with blues and purples, and DiNardi even makes her pinstriped suit part of the theme!

Her call to action is front and center, letting a potential client know that reaching out will ease their stress. Add to that a judicious use of animation and a well-organized top menu broken down by stages of a DUI, and you have a website that draws the reader in with visuals and keeps them on the page with information.

The site makes DiNardi seem approachable while emphasizing her background and expertise. The tough-skinned rhino is a perfect visual for Randal Lowry and Associates, a family law firm that wants to project tenacity. The pop of teal and blue on the front page of the site carries throughout, getting picked up by the top menu as you scroll down the site. The website is a solid example of how to do a good job marketing a highly-specialized niche practice.

While it has great visuals for the front page, the site also leans heavily on promoting the expertise of the firm, including a detailed news section with podcasts, articles, and information on upcoming conferences. There are graphs of which industries they represent, attorney bios that run a bit too long, and a grey-on-grey section of recent success stories that feels like a wall of text.

This site from Unorthodox Legal, a solo firm specializing in representing creatives, stands out for its minimalist design. The site is almost entirely in shades of black, grey, and white, but manages to still draw the eye. Williams provides a one-stop contract shop where clients can purchase a fixed-price agreement tailored to creatives, including a non-compete and some specialized service agreements for photographers and makeup artists.

The firm focuses on representing restauranteurs, from choosing the proper business structure to complying with labor laws to generating franchise documents. The restaurant-themed visuals take what could have been a run-of-the-mill solo attorney website to a much more stylish level and likely make the firm seem accessible to potential restaurant business clients. Unfortunately, font feels kind of generic and flat.

Best Law Firm Websites

The site is also missing a clear call to action. This East Coast-based firm went with some absolutely gorgeous photography for the front page of their site. Everything feels a bit larger than life, in a great way. The firm has a lot of practice areas, but they keep the information in check thanks to a clean set of tiles that open to reveal a lengthier explanation of the area and which attorneys in the firm handle those matters.A lawyer website may integrate a different set of specific features designed to make it unique among a plethora of other legal websites.

However, the best attorney websites are created with high-value customers in mind. The customer journey is one of the things that Amelia, a WordPress booking plugin, can help you with — by taking care of the majority of your administrative tasks and letting you focus on what you do best.

This article consists of a set of best practices and tips to help you develop a viable law firm website design while keeping in mind the best websites in the world in the legal arena.

You need to understand why people visit law firm sites and what they are expecting to find and need to find on the best law firm websites. Ideally, your law firm website design will be able to deliver your potential customers the answers they are looking for no matter how sophisticated their questions may be. The whole point of a good attorney website design is to give your users a solution to their problem.

Firstly, your customers will want to know information about the law firm hoping that it is the best legal firm for their needs.

Usually, they are seeking legal counsel, and, at this point, they are looking for a law firm that will provide them with the right type of service for their needs. It is more important that your attorney website design allows users to find what they need easily and quickly than to have an appealing law office website that is difficult to navigate and understand.

best law firm websites

When you produce a website design for a law firm, you need to understand, but much copy will not suffice. No matter how high the quality of your text or how accurate the information, it will not sell without relevant photography.

Yes, relevant photography, not stock photography. Your potential customers will want to know the faces of the people that will potentially represent them. A picture is worth a thousand words so try to use official office photographs as well as explicit, high-quality pictures of the law firm members to put on your lawyer website.

By using relevant photography, you will allow customers inside your office and let them know they are welcome to reach out to you. Stay away from fake-looking stock photography that presents unrealistic images of the law firm. Try to use pictures that capture lawyers at work: inside the office, inside courtrooms, surrounded by bookshelves, or exiting their law firm.

All photography must feel natural, not directed, or forced. Remember that your visitors are looking for information on your lawyer website. Therefore, the quality of the text that you include in your attorney website design is essential.

All copy must be accurately written as far as grammar is concerned, down to the point, easy to read and digest.

Most importantly, the design must make key information visible to the visitors. A lawyer website must bring on new clients because many people use search engines to find a lawyer when in need of one.

Therefore, the number one mission of the best law firm websites is to compel visitors into contacting them, which is a new chance to turn a user into a client. Your law firm website design must focus on encouraging contact by featuring every potential means of communication available, including phone, email, live chat, directions, and maps.

Your lawyer website must be constructed around encouraging users to take action. The website of Van Den Heuvel integrates address and phone number inside the header in addition to a well-structured contact form near the footer of the page.

This makes it easy for visitors to reach out to the law firm even after hours via a quick email. The Crowell Law website is an excellent example of a well-designed footer layout that presents a list of phone numbers and office locations in addition to a well-thought contact form for visitors to use and reach out to the law firm either at their location, by phone, or via email at all hours.Law firm websites, like most things, come in all shapes and sizes.

The best law firm websites, however, have clear website goals and are carefully targeted at their High Value Customers. To create one of the top legal websites, you must develop a website strategy that takes into account your Buyer Personas and the Customer Journey. We looked through hundreds of websites and graded them on these factors, as well as overall website user experience and visual design. Here are some of the best law firm website designs from around the web.

Kristina Guzikova is a Creative Project Manager at Intechnic, with 12 years of experience managing projects for various clients in insurance, non-profit and government sectors.

Kristina is highly effective in collaborating closely with creative directors, marketing managers, and IT specialists to meet project needs and deadlines. Quinn Emanuel 2. TSMP Law 4. YLaw Group 5. Bighorn Law 6.

Law Firm Website Design: 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Lawyer Websites

Turks Legal 7. Gecic Law 8.

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Infense 9. Small Law Cheshire Law Group Shumway Van Hodgson Russ LLP Tremain Artaza Horea Crisan Lawyer W3IP Givens Givens Sparks Staver Law Group.

Kristina Guzikova Kristina Guzikova is a Creative Project Manager at Intechnic, with 12 years of experience managing projects for various clients in insurance, non-profit and government sectors.We can construct your law firm a brand new responsive website, or help you redesign your existing site to secure your place in the mobile world.

We are passionate about helping law firms succeed online. Our Content Management System make it easy for you to request edits to your website, monitor site traffic, and get in touch with us around the clock. We strive to exceed expectations and meet all your needs. We are here to help. You need a website that gets clients. At Law Promo, our expert Search Engine Marketing strategies help you dominate your market and get phone calls. Instead of relying on short-term gimmicks that are likely to get your website penalized, we focus on building powerful online reputations over the long-term that will generate business for years to come.

A smart website pays off. Trust the Online Marketing experts at Law Promo. Running a successful legal practice demands insightful business skills. Being your own boss is liberating. And hard. With Law Promo, setting up a beautiful website has never been easier. Use your time to focus on clients. We'll worry about the rest. No more hunting for clients. With more than a decade in the field, we've helped countless numbers of specialized firms create an image that highlights their strengths and reaches their niche.

Give clients a better understanding of your firm. Our design team will construct a stylish and comprehensive overview of your services, accentuating the ways you can help. Our proprietary system makes it easy for you to request edits to your website, monitor site traffic, and get in touch with us around the clock. Clients need to be able to find your site. Our expertise in digital marketing drives traffic and generates leads.

It is important to us that your website is smooth and responsive for every visitor. We offer an affordable way to host your website in the most reliable and impressive way possible. You only have one chance to make a first impression. These judgments can determine whether the visitor is interested in becoming your client, or if they go back to the search engine to look for help from someone else.

Good design is not just about aesthetics. Law Promo has specialized exclusively in website design and online marketing for law firms since With extensive experience working solely with the legal community, we have provided first-rate law firm website design service to more than 3, attorneys worldwide.It offers a great range of services which include dispute resolutions in the area of company law, carrying out a procedure of reorganization and liquidation of a company.

You can get a consultation in the area of power engineering, international law, ecology, criminal law, etc. Many specialists of the company are a part of law associations. Reception of clients can be held in different languages. Goltsblat BLP offers legal services on any questions related to the Russian law. Also you can use the foreign law such as the English law while implementation of projects which are subject to the jurisdiction of some countries.

The experience of best specialists of the company in the area of Russian and English law allows to give comprehensive legal assistance to Russian and international clients carrying out investment in Russia as well as Russian clients who are carrying out investment overseas.

Authority of the lawyers of the law firm Vegas Lex is proved by the company ratings of the leading international and Russian editions. The company copies with the most difficult legal tasks.

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It takes part in scale and complex projects. The interests of it are connected with problems of a legal branch and different lines of the Russian economy.

The firm is an active designer of bills, regulatory legal acts and analytical stuff. The company is a leader in competition law, arbitral justice and other areas according to the annual rating Pravo.

The specialists of Pepeliaev Group have been involved for many years as independent experts in designing of bills which maintain relations in different areas of economy. It offers services in complex legal support for investment projects in Russia. It gives priority to their efficiency, quality and efficiency for clients.

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best law firm websites

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Top 10 Best Russian Law Firms List 2020. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia

Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.However, a well designed law firm website can help you do just that. After all, your website is practically your CV.

Establish yourself as a professional by creating a striking website design. It will help mark your firm as experts in the field, reflecting credibility and trustworthiness. You can also get a head start by tailoring one of these designer-made law firm website templates to your needs. Here are our top law firm website designs, created with Wix:. This firm has gone for an organized grid website layout for their site, plus a full screen video background that helps build anticipation and catch our attention.

The sharp photos of the attorneys, added using the Wix Pro Galleryform the perfect balance between professional and friendly. As you scroll down this one-page websiteyou can read additional information on her experience and values.

The soft website color schememade up of light and neutral tones, combined with a minimalistic design, serve to evoke a sense of calm and professionalism. The large text and courthouse photo at the top of the page set the right tone, ensuring that there can be no confusion over what kind of site this is. The additional images below also serve that purpose, conveying a reliable work environment. Within each of the paragraphs, a sense of clarity and hierarchy is created, with the header being in a larger and different font than the body text, as well as being all caps.

The aim of this website is clear from the get-go, with bold white text that stands out against the background image. The website menu is also well thought-out, as it stays in view at the top of the page, wherever you are on the site.

With a clickable phone number placed right at the top of the site, plus dotted throughout it, the site is especially user-friendly. Together with their use of high quality images in a slideshow gallerythis creates an elegant, upmarket look.

best law firm websites

Each section of their site includes a subtly designed CTA call-to-action button inviting you to find out more. The powerful mission statement at the top of the homepage presents this law firm as having clear and ambitious goals. Paired with a motivating background photo of sleek skyscrapers and a view of the sky, this message is exacerbated. This minimalistic design includes plenty of white space, putting the emphasis on the information and details that really matter.

The website navigation here is simple, with clear labels on the menu and easy navigation between pages. Other than the clean design, this law firm website includes a few additional nice touches.

In addition, color psychology shows us that the use of blue creates a feeling of trustworthiness and professionalism - two values that a law company certainly wants to exude. This firm has gone for a unique look, switching it up with a black background and white text, paired with black and white photography. The chic monochrome design certainly helps them stand out from the crowd, as does the slideshow gallery giving us a peek into the firm and court.

All the text is concise and on-point, helping form a clutter-free aesthetic. Rhetorical questions can be great for engaging your audience.

The best law firm websites to use as inspiration

This law firm has implemented this technique on their homepage, with an attention-grabbing header, written in big bold text. Merisa K. Bowers has strategically placed her ratings and badges linking to reviews about her, on the top fold of her website.

This image-based website boasts attractive full screen images and an appealing, spacious layout. The defined color scheme of white, plus two shades of blue, remains cohesive throughout every page.

The bold statement at the top of the page serves to introduce site visitors to the company and its practice. All the while, the menu bar stays put, so that you can easily transfer from page to page.


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